Video: Argo sets a new record

Jason Carroll's MOD70 Argo (USA) finished the RORC Caribbean 600 at 17:18:44 AST and has come runner-up on the two previous races, so to win on the third attempt was a sweet victory.

“This race is always an emotional rollercoaster; I think we traded the lead with the other boats about five or six times and the last change was 20 minutes before the finish with Maserati. It was a boat-on-boat tacking duel. I am sorry for Maserati because they sailed a great race. Before the awesome finish, the closest match racing we had was in the lee of Nevis and St. Kitts. We traded the lead two-sail reaching, doing 35 knots! At that pace everything happens so fast and you have to plan in advance, but it is so exciting for sure.” - Jason Carroll.

MOD 70 Argo Crew: Jason Carroll, Brian Thompson, Richard Bardwell, Chad Corning, Pete Cumming, Thierry Fouchier, Charlie Ogletree, Alister Richardson.


Antigua & Barbuda
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