Crew member on GBR9660 Fenix

Fenix - Antonio

To be blinded by green and blue flashes,
Of trimarans speediest dashes,
We thought we were fast,
But when they sped past,
We broke out in envious rashes.

In Barbuda we jibed at the mark,
With such ease that it felt like a lark
With tea and scone,
We were very soon gone.
Off to Nevis and into the dark.

Belladonna and its RORC top brass,
We then proceded to pass.
They were all so upset,
That to help them forget,
Our girls wiggled their arse

In the company of Spirit of Juno,
And bathed in the light of the moon, oh
What a delight,
On this most perfect night,
We're getting to Nevis too soon, oh!

Dawn found us close to St. Barths,
emitting a large range of farts.
The boat in our lee,
Was surprised you could see
Of the sound of our bodily parts

We were all out on the rail
When Conor said look there's a whale.
The cetacean bugger
Made a pass at our rudder
And waved us off with his tail.

Barbuda dictated by the muse with the scent of fabulous cooking underway!

On the isle of Barbuda a rusta,
Was renowned for his excellent pasta.
With lobsters and pot,
It was all very hot,
Even Italians would never say "basta!"

The RORC've really made it good,
The race is just as it should.
If others just knew,
Its so good for the few
They'd register as soon as they could.


Antigua & Barbuda
Seven Star Yacht Transport