Antigua Information

General Information


Casual, light comfortable clothing is appropriate during the day as well as in the evening and the emphasis is on very casual clothing at all times.

Beachwear should not be worn in the streets or stores. You should also be aware that it is an offence for anyone, including children, to dress in camouflage clothing. Nude bathing is illegal.

Credit Cards and Currency

Major credit cards are accepted by most hotels, car rental companies, and shops. The Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC$) is the local currency in Antigua and is tied in value to the US dollar. It is advisable to exchange currency at the bank, as the most favourable exchange rates may not be obtained elsewhere. Many establishments will accept payments in US Dollars with change being given in local currency. However please note that smaller establishments, especially in country areas, may only accept EC Dollars.

We suggest you take US$ and exchange them for local currency. 

ATM machines are widely available.


Antigua runs on 220/110 volts. Please consult your accommodation for more details about plugs and sockets etc at your particular hotel or villa.

Medical Facilities


Antigua is very fortunate to have ABSAR rescue services based in Falmouth and Paramedic Jonathan Cornelius is on duty with his team throughout the whole period of the race. ABSAR will respond 24/7 by phone and VHF and Jonathan Cornelius is the first line of call in any medical emergency:

Tel: +1 (268) 720 3992

ABSAR VHF Channel 16 / 68


Antigua has the best and most extensive healthcare system in the Caribbean. All hotels will offer necessary assistance and direct you to the nearest doctor, clinic or specialist. Pharmacies are very well stocked with all usual medications. There is a large and high-quality hospital in Bridgetown. We advise you to take sufficient supplies of any medication that you normally take and as always, make sure you have adequate medical insurance before you travel.


The water supply in Antigua is now probably as good as European standards. It is available at all docks/marinas but individuals may wish to filter as well. In drought conditions in Antigua the main supply reverts to cistern storage water which needs filtering and/or treatment.

Food Suppliers


The Covent Garden Supermarket, Dockyard Drive, English Harbour - open every day from 06:00 to 20:00

Crab Hole Liquors, Piccadily - open every day from 07:00 to 21:00 

In St Johns

Local market

Epicurian / Woods Centre.


Internet services are available at all of the hotels and at most bars and restaurants.

Crime and Security

There is a police station in Nelsons Dockyard / Falmouth. In Nelsons Dockyard and Antigua Yacht Club Marina there is 24 hr security and incidences of crime in these areas are extremely rare. However, like in any area in the world, visitors are advised to observe sensible safety precautions in any remote areas or late at night. Likewise, it would be sensible not to leave valuables unattended in rental cars or at the beach.

For British Nationals who would like further information please see the UK Goverment website here.

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