Crew Member on Nemesis GBR17R - 22/02/2017

Today complete contrast...100plus NM of beating to windward in literally 0-35 knots torrential rain, or baking sun... great island scenery when we could see them!! Short tacked the afternoon away up the coast of Sint Maarten, now blast reaching the Anguilla channel. Aubergine spicy pasta on the menu.
1hr sleep max since Antigua!! Feel like a Dolphin!!

2 handed 'on a swan 45' I must be crazy!! The Fastnets 2H are bad enough, this is another level!!

Morning RORC, what a lovely morning, sunrise over Montserrat... A good night aboard Nemesis, listening to the vhf, channel 16 is pretty busy during the wee small hours, you know who you are !!!Average progress, but some sleep on the cockpit floor at last, looks like a testing day, with the wind crapping out right across the racecourse, good for us right now 12 knots and gone up a gear to our A1, shame we're heading for Aruba!! Looks like a race of not just 2 halves but ten...!!

Patience this afternoon, boat is like living in/on a BBQ... Virtually no wind, swell shaking my poor rig and sails to pieces!

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