Crew Member on HKG1997 Beau Geste

ETA somewhere around midnight at this stage - a bit slow at the moment but that should improve with distance from Guadeloupe.

Yep, bad memories of the parking lot were whisked away quickly with a nice 18-20kt reach across the bottom to Desirade - that and the sight of others doing it just as tough or tougher than we had it. It was very hard to deal with the corner at Les Saints - very few options of how to attack it other than close your eyes, plunge in and wiggle through as best you can with a rough sketch of what you think is happening with the breeze in the back of your head to make it easier to make the decisions as they thrust themselves upon you!!

Back into some spinnaker work now as we come up to Antigua for the 2nd time this race - will have to keep an eye out for any swimmers on the boat!


Antigua & Barbuda
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