Crew Member on GBR4778R Caspian Services EH01

0700 on the second day of the Caribbean 600. The day greeted us with a beautiful sunrise over St Kitts as we approach Saba. The wind has been better than expected and at this point we are making good time with over 150NM sailed already. We have been gybing against Catapult the J122 all night trading position and they are at the moment around a mile in front, however flying asyms they will need to drop back onto the rhumb line as we round Saba.

All is good on board although I may have forgotton to top up the coffee and the bowman Mike has threatened murder!

No wildlife to date except a turtle as we left Falmouth.If the wind stays as is then it looks as if I really did bring all these sails just foir the crew to sleep on and not to hoist.....


Andy (Skipper EH01)

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