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2015 Entries

Yacht Name Designer/Class Owner/Skipper/Charterer
Nigel Passmore's J/133, Apollo 7 Apollo 7
J/133 Nigel Passmore
Black Pearl Carkeek 47 Philip Demler
Lady Mariposa Oyster 625 Boat Captain: Daniel Hardy
Maximizer Farr 72 Jose Diego-Arozamena
Sir Geoffrey Mulcahy's Swan 56, Noonmark VI Noonmark VI Swan 56 Sir Geoffrey Mulcahy
Christian and Lucy Reynolds' Swan 51 Northern Child. Photo: Tim Wright Northern Child Swan 51

Perfromance Yacht Charters

Available for charter: crew places or whole boat

Colin Rath's Hanse 545, Persevere Persevere Hanse 545 Colin Rath
Jaime Torres's First 40 Smile and Wave Southern Child First 40

Performance Yacht Charter

Available for charter: whole boat

Spirit of Adventure, Volvo 60 Spirit of Adventure Volvo 60

Derek Hatfield

Available for charter

2015 Expressions of Interest

Yacht Name Designer/Class Owner/Skipper/Charterer

2014 Entries

Yacht Name Designer/Class Owner/Skipper/Charterer
J/145 Ace Ace J/145 Chris Dowling
Albacor IV, J/109 Albacor IV J/109 Sophie Olivaud
Youri Loof's Swan 80 Mod, Alpina Alpina Swan 80 Mod Oscar Konyukhov
Alain Charlot's X 482, ArronaX AronnaX X 482 Alain Charlot
Jamie Walker's Swan 56, Azura under spinnaker Azura Swan 56 Jamie Walker
TP 52, Balearia. Available for whole boat charter Balearia TP 52

Bach Yachting

Andrew Allner's Swan 46, Ballytrim Ballytrim Swan 46 Andrew Allner
The JV 72, Bella Mente. Bella Mente JV 72 Hap Fauth
The 98ft Frers Bristolian. Photo: Tim Wright/ Bristolian 98ft Frers one off John Burnie
The SW100RS, Cape Arrow. Photo: RORC/Tim Wright Cape Arrow SW100RS Skipper: Fabrizio Oddone
The Botin IRC 65, Caro Caro Botin IRC 65 Roccomare Ltd Sailed by Maximilian Klink
Stormforce Coaching's First 40.7, Cheeki Rafiki Cheeki Rafiki First 40.7

Stormforce Coaching - Crew places available.

Click here for more information

Dido Spirit 46 Tom Hill
S&S 52 Yawl, Dorade


S&S 52 Yawl Matt Brooks
Global Yacht Racing's Beneteau 47.7 EH01 EH01 Beneteau 47.7

Global Yacht Racing - Crew places and whole boat charter options
Click here for more information

Phil Munday's Sun Odyssey 52.2 Great Escape of Southampton Great Escape of Southampton Sun Odyssey 52.2

Phil Munday - Crew Places available
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Grundoom Carkeek 47.5 James Grundy
2013-rc600-guadeloupe-grand-large-11 Guadeloupe Grand Large 11 Figaro II

Arthur Prat

2013-rc600-guadeloupe-grand-large-117 Guadeloupe Grand Large 17 Figaro II

Nicolas Thomas

2013-rc600-guadeloupe-grand-large-57 Guadeloupe Grand Large 53
Figaro II

Francoise Labry

Maxim Kudryashov's Oyster 625, Guardian Angel Guardian Angel Oyster 625 Maxim Kudryashov
Girls for Sail's First 40.7, Hot Stuff Hot Stuff First 40.7

Girls for Sail - Individual crew places available

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Frank Eberhart's Nielsen 59 Custom, Hound. Photo: RORC/Tim Wright Hound Nielsen 59 Custom Frank Eberhart
Marine Charters 78ft Maxi - Idea Idea of London
Reichel Pugh 78ft Maxi

Marine Charters

Windward Sailing's Corby 45, Incisor Incisor Corby 45

Windward Sailing

Places are available on board Incisor for this 'must do' race. We offer individual places and offer good group discounts.

Click here for more information

Capstan Sailing's Reflex 38, Intuition Intuition Reflex 38

Capstan Sailing - Yuri Fadeev

Whole boat and crew places available

Jinja, Pogo 12.50 Jinja Pogo 12.50 Ian Matthews
David Southwell's Morris 486, Kismet Kismet Morris 486 David Southwell
First 40 Lancelot 2, available for charter through Lancelot Lancelot II
First 40 Sailing Logic
Carlo Falcone's Mariella


Alfred Mylne Design
Carlo Falcone

Andrew Budgen and Fred Schwyn's Volvo 70, Monster Project

Monster Project Volvo 70

Boat available for charter - whole boat or crew places

Nefertiti, Swan 90 Nefertiti Swan 90 Anders Nordquist
X 612, Nix Nix X 612 Nico Cortlever
Christian and Lucy Reynolds' Swan 51 Northern Child. Photo: Tim Wright Northern Child Swan 51 Christian and Lucy Reynolds
One Off Humphreys 77', Ocean Phoenix Ocean Phoenix One Off Humphreys 77' Juan Luis Serra Lalaurie
Rick Ganly's Ocean 60, Ocean Venture Ocean Venture Ocean 60 Rick Ganly
Pace at the Fastnet Rock. Photo: Rolex/Daniel Forster Pace TP 52 Johnny Vincent
Parma Dufour 45e Performance Vitalii Tarakanov
Passion 4 C Tripp 56 Stefan Lehnert
Ron O'Hanley's Cookson 50, Privateer Privateer Cookson 50 Ron O'Hanley
Peter Rutter and Deep Blue Racing's Quokka 8, skippered by Bernie Evan-Wong Photo: Paul Wyeth/ Quokka 8
Grand Soleil 43

Owner: Peter Rutter/Deep Blue Racing

Skipper: Bernie Evan-Wong

Goerge David's Rambler 90 during the 2007 Rolex Fastnet Race - photo Rolex/Carlo Borlenghi Rambler Reichel Pugh 90 George David
Adrian Lower's Swan 44, Selene. Photo: Rick Tomlinson Selene Swan 44 Adrian Lower
Shockwave Shockwave Mini Maxi George Sakellaris
Jonty Layfield's Azuree 46, Sleeper Sleeper Azuree 46 Jonty Layfield
Jaime Torres's First 40 Smile and Wave Southern Child First 40

Performance Yacht Charters: Christian and Lucy Reynolds

Chartered by the Royal Armoured Corps Yacht Club

Sailed by Lt Col Paul Macro

Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges' Volvo 60

Spirit of Adventure Volvo 60

Spirit of Canada Ocean Challenges

Click here for more information

El Ocaso, J/120 Sunset Child J/120

Performance Yacht Charters

Sailed by 600nm Club

Sam van Holthe's Swan 55 Yawl, Swan Valhalla Swan Valhalla Swan 55 Yawl Sam van Holthe
Tonnerre de Breskens during the 2010 Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race. Photo: RORC/Rick Tomlinson Tonnerre de Breskens Ker 46 Piet Vroon
Willy Bissainte's Class 40 Tradition Gaudeloupe Tradition Guadeloupe Class40 Willy Bissante
Colin Buffin's Swan 62, Uxorious IV. Photo: Kurt Arrigo Uxorious IV Swan 62 Colin Buffin
IMOCA 60, Synergie Votre Nom Autour du Monde - Synergie IMOCA 60

Bertrand de Broc

Todd Stuart's Swan 56, White Rhino. Photo: Daniel Forster White Rhino Swan 56 Todd Stuart
Zenara, a 72' ketch (hull now white) Zenara 72' Ketch Zenara Sailing

David Gower's party, owner Susan Robins

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Class40 Yacht Name Designer/Class Owner/Skipper/Charterer
Dominique Rivard with AJT AJT Class40 Dominique Rivard
Class40, Tales II Tales II Class40 Gonzalo Botin Sanz de Sautuola
Superyacht Yacht Name Designer/Class Owner/Skipper/Charterer
Adela - 180ft Classic Schooner


Also Spirit of Tradition Class

180ft Classic Schooner Skipper - Greg Perkins
The 62m Hoek Design Naval Architects designed Superyacht, Athos. Photo: Rick Tomlinson


Also Spirit of Tradition Class

203ft schooner Boat Captain - Tony Brookes
Multihull Yacht Name Designer/Class Owner/Skipper/Charterer
Dauphin Telecom - Johny Be Good Tri Open 40 Erick Clement
Alexis Guillaume's TS50, Hallucine Hallucine TS 50 Alexis Guillaume
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